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  • Dennis McKaskey

    Dennis McKaskey

  • April Neale

    April Neale

  • Zak Kadison

    Zak Kadison

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    Silje Gabrielsen

    Designer at Hiro Futures. Our team of robot engineers, software developers and designers are working on the future of human-machine collaboration. 🤖

  • Rebekah Iliff

    Rebekah Iliff

    Nashville-based writer. Words in Inc, Forbes, Slackjaw, JAW, How Pants Work, LOL Comedy, Weekly Humorist, Points in Case, and countless “thank you” notes.

  • Michelle Bartonico

    Michelle Bartonico

    Senior Strategist and Project Manager at Trinity University. I write about higher education, marketing, project management, and a few wild hair topics.

  • Consuelo G. Flores

    Consuelo G. Flores

  • Brooke Carey

    Brooke Carey

    Non-fiction editor and writer. Lover of self-help books, The Golden Girls, gin, summer, and sad songs. Proud resident of Astoria, NY.

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